An Optimized Network Powered By Advanced Algorithms And Detailed Metrics Analysis

Exinda SD-WAN Delivers A Faster, More Reliable Connection For Today’s Cloud-Centric World

Exinda is part of the GFI Software portfolio. Our products capitalize on emerging global trends and provide business solutions ahead of the market.

The technology behind Exinda SD-WAN was developed by an engineering team with over 70 years of cutting-edge research and development experience in the networking field. Our self-healing overlay tunnels can detect and intelligently route around unexpected network problems to optimize end-user experience for cloud-based applications.

An Optimized Network At An Incredible Value

Our early SD-WAN prototypes aggregated wifi access points in a residential area to create the fastest-ever consumer Internet connectivity speeds ever recorded. Today, Exinda SD-WAN uses machine learning and cheaper consumer cellular lines to deliver a fast and reliable network that’s extremely cost-effective, too.

Full Support At Every Stage

Installation just takes a few minutes and our network specialist works with you to configure and optimize your network. When you do need help, we’re always available. Our 24/7, U.S.-based support team will respond quickly to help you reach a fast resolution.

Exinda SD-WAN Is Trusted By Some Of The
Biggest Companies In The World

I tried competing products, but none could match Exinda’s bonding technology or its application-specific performance. I now understand why Exinda is known as the inventor of bonding — it shows.

Abdou Dia
CEO & GM, Etsdia

Ready To Cut Costs, Improve Performance And Increase Uptime?

Let us show you how Exinda SD-WAN can dramatically boost reliability across your entire organization while reducing jitter and latency on a network that’s extremely cost-effective.