Pop-up Networks For Temporary Medical Facilities 


SD-WAN Provides Easy-to-Deploy Temporary Networks For Pop-Up COVID Testing, Surge Hospitals And More

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread, temporary medical facilities are springing up all over. From drive-through COVID testing stations and modular triage units to full-fledged pop-up hospitals, these temporary facilities bring medical resources where they’re needed most. They add much-needed surge capacity, allow for safe distancing and segregation of patients, and reduce the strain on existing clinical facilities. 

Temporary internet and wi-fi connectivity is a vital component of these satellite medical locations. Pop-up healthcare facilities require networks to transmit testing data, to send and receive medical records and images, for videoconferencing and for other vital communications. These networks have to provide secure and reliable internet service. At the same time, they have to be extremely easy to set up and operate. Temporary medical facilities may be located in parking lots, convention centers, gyms and other makeshift settings – sometimes in rural areas or other out-of-the-way spots. There’s no time to install complex infrastructure, and wired lines are often unavailable. Nor are there likely to be experienced network technicians and administrators on hand. Everything has to be as simple, quick and turnkey as possible.

Exinda SD-WAN provides a complete, rapidly deployable solution that makes it easy to establish emergency networks at pop-up health clinics. Using readily available consumer data lines including cellular, satellite and broadband, Exinda SD-WAN lets you spin up an agile connection that supports high-traffic communications instantly and reliably (and wirelessly where needed), no matter how challenging the location. 

A Pop-Up Wifi Network That Supports The Unique Needs of Pop-Up Healthcare


From testing to video collaboration and consultation, pop-up clinics require a stable and secure wi-fi network thahealthcare workers can connect to from a variety of devices. Healthcare workers need a way to conduct video calls without worrying about connection issues, lags and drops. They need to be able to send and receive sensitive medical information – in large files and high volumes – rapidly and reliably. 

Exinda SD-WAN supports temporary COVID-19 clinics and other facilities with powerful pop-up internet connectivity that eliminates jitter, latency and packet loss while maximizing throughput. It’s automatically optimized for video conferencing and VoIP.

Get Fast, Reliable Networking For Your Pop-Up Healthcare Facilities

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Seamless Connectivity For COVID-19 Testing And Treatment

Setting up your Exinda SD-WAN is fast and easy. We will drop ship the equipment to your testing location or pop-up healthcare center. With our zero-touch deployment, you’ll be up and running in minutes. Installation is designed to be fast and straightforward; anyone can do it, regardless of expertise. Just plug in your lines and turn it on. Exinda does the rest, automatically connecting to the network and optimizing performance.

Exinda uses existing consumer data lines already available in your target areas, including any mix of 4G, 5G, LTE, satellite and broadband. Exinda provides high throughput at low cost by bonding multiple consumer lines to create fast, reliable connections. 

Exinda SD-WAN equipment is highly flexible. In addition to its wireline WAN ports, it has two external USB ports for cellular data, allowing you to move the device between locations and easily switch out transports depending on what’s available.

Need to deploy a VPN? Exinda makes it simple. Our SD-WAN creates a bonded IP connection between your pop-up site and the main hospital or data center. This overlay bonded tunnel can carry site-to-site VPN traffic. 

You need all the connectivity you can get, but you don’t need complexity. Even now, 30% of enterprise organizations think SD-WANs are still too complicated and require specialized personnel to operate them. With sites that might be up for hours or days, you don’t have that kind of time. Exinda is simple and easy to use – it just works. 


Exinda knows how critical it is to have reliable, quality video conferencing without latency, jitter or drops. This is particularly true in COVID-19 healthcare settings, where information is sensitive, details are critical and urgency is paramount. But video and voice applications are also the most vulnerable to WAN disruptions. Exinda ensures you get as little as 0.5% packet loss so it won’t impact the end-user experience.

Exinda makes sure that your network is performing and even your most bandwidth-heavy applications like video calls function flawlessly. It achieves this through a combination of innovative features: 

These features make even the toughest, most demanding workloads seamless. With Exinda, it’s easy to transport large medical files back and forth or video conference with available bandwidth. 


Benefits Of Exinda SD-WAN In Pop-Up COVID-19 Sites

With Exinda SD-WAN, pop-up COVID-19 clinics and other temporary medical facilities can:

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SD-WAN offers greater reliability, flexibility and bandwidth, making it ideal for temporary wifi networks for COVID-19 testing sites and other pop-up medical facilities. Ready to see how SD-WAN can give you the tools you need for today’s evolving healthcare needs?

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