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About Exinda SD-WAN

Exinda SD-WAN uses Optimal Path™ to optimize the performance of every data packet, with extensive data gathering and analysis to personalize your experience and Advanced Algorithms to continually improve your network.

Want a stable, reliable, secure network that’s 75% cheaper than traditional WANs? Learn about our innovative features and check out the Frequently Asked Questions below.

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  • What are the advantages of SD-WAN over MPLS and other traditional WANs?

    MPLS is a poor choice for the most widely used cloud-based services, like Office 365, G Suite and AWS. These applications are known as “chatty” because they push a high volume of synchronization and software updates through the pipe. Using chatty applications on MPLS leads to poor network performance and spiraling data costs.

    That’s because MPLS backhauls all traffic to a central headquarters to avoid deploying a network security stack at each location. Before the explosion of chatty apps, this was an acceptable trade-off.

    But backhauling internet traffic while using the mobile apps, cloud-based services, UCaaS and SaaS programs that you rely on today no longer makes sense. Backhauling degrades app performance, which has a devastating effect on employee productivity. Jitter and packet loss increase dramatically. VoIP and video calls exhibit lags, latency and embarrassing drops. The expensive per-Mb price of MPLS is entirely incompatible with your modern bandwidth needs.

    Beyond that, MPLS solutions generally can’t be deployed quickly. Deployments can take weeks or even months to complete, and changing or upgrading can be even more of a hassle. This is less than ideal in an ever-changing technology landscape.

    Your bandwidth needs are growing fast and you can’t afford downtime. If your connection is unreliable, you sacrifice employee productivity and the ability to support organizational goals.

    Exinda SD-WAN helps you handle all the demands of your changing business — including opening new offices, bringing in new cloud-based apps, supporting heavy VoIP and videoconferencing usage and more.

    SD-WAN is more flexible, more reliable and much more cost-effective than MPLS and other WAN architectures. You can deploy it in just 5 minutes: Exinda uses readily-available consumer lines, enabling you to spin up a new office connection almost instantly. This is particularly useful for organizations that are expanding — whether that means opening offices in new locations, growing an existing location or offering a new service such as a retail pop-up.

  • Can Exinda SD-WAN provide optimization for IaaS and SaaS platforms like AWS, Microsoft Azure or Office 365?

    Exinda SD-WAN connects remote users and branch employees to applications in the cloud in a seamless, secure and reliable fashion. Exinda delivers comprehensive capability for Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Software-as-a-Service (IaaS/SaaS) applications.

    Exinda provides application-specific overlay tunnels to optimize your WAN performance, continuously monitoring the performance of the application. Exinda recognizes issues like latency or jitter before performance impacts the end-user experience. Exinda will also automatically make real-time decisions to choose the best-performing path between the end users and cloud applications, so your team’s experience is flawless.

    Additionally, Exinda makes connecting branch offices to the cloud easy with secure, one-click connectivity to AWS and Microsoft Azure. With Exinda, you will have the ability to create a VPN across the internet and with select connectivity providers to AWS Direct Connect, Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute and Microsoft Azure Virtual WAN services.

  • How easy is it to set up my new SD-WAN?

    Exinda is an agile, flexible networking solution that you can install in minutes. With its minimal configuration setup, you’ll save significant time and money.

    Exinda uses Optimal Path™, a feature that uses your network usage data to optimize your configurations and ensure that your network will deliver peak performance tailored to your unique needs. Optimal Path™ also consists of proprietary Advanced Algorithms that drastically reduce and even eliminate network downtime by analyzing patterns to determine where heavy traffic and network trouble might occur. Exinda uses these algorithms to redirect traffic to better performing tunnels.

    You can expect clearer VoIP calls, seamless video connections, faster downloads and uploads and reliable access to all your SaaS applications.

    While Exinda’s pre-configured tunnels work for 90% of your traffic right out of the box, you will be assigned a specialist who will collect data about your network traffic for eight weeks in order to optimize Exinda even further for your company’s needs. Exinda SD-WAN boosts productivity by ensuring that even your most bandwidth-intensive applications run smoothly.

    Additionally, for organizations with complex legacy environments, the Exinda platform runs as an overlay — meaning it does not require any configuration changes on the physical or virtual appliances at the branch sites and the cloud data centers.

    Your network will be stable and reliable, thanks to this automated optimization. Productivity improves as well — allowing you to meet all of your business needs at a much lower cost.

  • What happens if my internet connection fails while using SD-WAN?

    In the event of Internet access line failures, Exinda keeps ongoing sessions alive and preserves data integrity by retransmitting lost packets over available lines, even for sessions currently in progress.

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  • What is Optimal Path™?

    Exinda’s Optimal Path™ delivers on the promise of an SD-WAN that’s truly optimized for your organization’s unique bandwidth needs by incorporating Advanced Algorithms, powerful data gathering and analysis as well as proactive tunnel selection.

    At the beginning of the onboarding process, you’ll be assigned a network specialist. Your specialist will start by tracking your network performance for a set period of time to establish a baseline. Next, you’ll connect Exinda to your network and your specialist will configure VoIP Armor and Video Conferencing Armor so that you begin taking advantage of those features immediately.

    For the next eight weeks, your specialist will collect data about your network traffic. Through this period of extensive data gathering, your specialist will get the full picture of your network by tracking 282 metrics every five to ten minutes. The metrics tracked include upstream and downstream jitter, video jitter, download and upload quality and more.

    At the end of the eight-week period, your specialist will compare your network performance from before and after plugging in Exinda. Your network performance data will be processed, analyzed and displayed via a dashboard that is fully accessible to you. Via the dashboard, you will be able to highlight and view network performance information for a specific ISP or a particular date range. Your dashboard will provide metrics for the following quality indicators:

    • Capacity QoS
    • VoIP MoS
    • Network downtime (in seconds)
    • Network downtime (in percentage)


    Your dashboard will also provide graphical representations of each ISP’s performance in terms of audio jitter, video jitter, etc. Based on those metrics, your dashboard will assign and display a VoIP Score, Video Conferencing Score and HTTP Score for each ISP.

    Using this highly detailed picture of your network traffic, your specialist will make a line-by-line recommendation for each of your four WANs, identifying the best WAN for video, VoIP, HTTP and backups. Your specialist will also make any adjustments to your VoIP Armor and Video Conferencing Armor based on the data that has been collected over eight weeks.

    Exinda SD-WAN also uses proprietary Advanced Algorithms as part of the Optimal Path™ process. It optimizes the path for each workflow based on type and the current state of your network. This dramatically reduces jitter, latency and packet loss. Our solution also creates sophisticated virtual overlay tunnels between SD-WAN devices that are available as physical or virtual appliances or as a hosted service.

    Our Advanced Algorithms drastically reduce and even eliminate network downtime by analyzing usage patterns to determine where heavy traffic and network trouble might occur. From there, Exinda can redirect traffic to better performing tunnels.

    Worried about downtime? Using forward correction, the SD-WAN can predict which parts of your network are likely to fail. Then, our algorithms can make pre-emptive adjustments.

  • What are Virtual Leased Lines (VLL)?

    You can connect Exinda SD-WANs in peer mode or by using a cloud service. This allows you to create a virtual VPN tunnel between offices and use all available links at once. If some fail, that’s no problem: Traffic will be rerouted automatically in real-time to keep the communication tunnel operational, which is particularly useful for video conferences.

  • What is load balancing?

    With load balancing, you can create rules to designate weighted priority levels for each circuit. Exinda provides packet-level load-balancing and will intelligently failover according to your business’ specifications.

  • What is real-time, per-packet steering?

    Exinda measures packet loss, one-way delay and other metrics to monitor path performance. Overlay tunnels provide application-specific algorithms that use these metrics to direct each data packet to the best tunnel to keep from affecting network performance SLAs.

    Exinda’s application-specific tunnels deliver improved performance and optimize the network for your organization’s specific needs.

  • What are VoIP Armor and Videoconferencing Armor?

    With VoIP and Videoconferencing Armor, dropped calls and connection interruptions are a thing of the past. Exinda’s algorithms select the best path for both your VoIP and videoconferencing connections, based on latency, jitter, throughput, performance history, packet loss and more.

  • How do Advanced Algorithms work?

    Our Advanced Algorithms require no manual input, and they are a key part of Optimal Path™.

    Advanced Algorithms drastically reduce and even eliminate network downtime by analyzing usage patterns to determine where heavy traffic and network trouble might occur. Using forward correction, the SD-WAN can predict which parts of your network are likely to fail. Then, our algorithms can make pre-emptive adjustments and redirect traffic to better-performing tunnels.

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  • Can I keep my existing network setup untouched when I’m installing a new load-balancing router?

    Yes! Exinda is a modern broadband bonding physical or virtual appliance. With it, you will be able to use passthrough setup with your primary ISP connection (MPLS, T1, DSL, Cable, fiber, satellite or 3G, 4G, LTE). If you use passthrough, the SD-WAN will be transparent.

    This passthrough capability on the load balancer allows for very easy migration while keeping your existing network setup intact and untouched.

  • Once I have added the additional WAN links to my SD-WAN, how does the IP addressing work?

    If you’ve installed your SD-WAN in passthrough mode for your primary WAN line, you can now add your additional ISP connections as WAN2, WAN3 and so forth. The SD-WAN will have special NATing (Network Address Translation) in which the IP address translation in both the outbound direction and the inbound direction will be automatically handled. For more information about how the IP addressing works, visit this link.

  • How will the aggregation work with multiple WAN lines?

    As your SD-WAN appliance supports true bonding, the aggregation will happen at a packet granularity — i.e., a single session will be spread over all your available WAN links in an intelligent manner. This will provide true speed improvement, as well as better optimization for application-specific metrics. For example, a file download will happen at the total speed of all of your WAN links, since it will be downloaded over all of the lines simultaneously. You can also let the aggregation granularity be at a session level if you prefer.

  • What if I want specific traffic types to only use one of the WAN lines?

    Sometimes you may want to assign certain types of traffic onto a specific WAN line. One such example would be your SMTP email traffic if your external mail server only accepts emails from specific IP addresses. In such a scenario, you can use interface binding techniques to bind a specific traffic type onto your desired WAN link.

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  • What security features does Exinda offer?

    For your convenience and ease of setup, Exinda works seamlessly with your existing best-in-class, next-gen firewall and UTM (Unified Threat Management) systems.

    Exinda’s physical and virtual appliances are hardened and secured with a built-in firewall. The base firewall capabilities, which come standard with every Exinda appliance, are built on a field-proven, secure platform. They include strong encryption (up to AES 256), website blocking, DNS redirection and advanced filtering. With ongoing firmware updates, you can ensure that new security patches will always be applied to protect your network.

    Amazon Web Services’ hardened security features are baked into Exinda SD-WAN.

  • What additional features does Exinda offer if I’d like to add extra protection to the standard security offerings?

    With our optional Cloud Relay Service, Exinda appliances connect to the Exinda-operated Cloud Relays with the multi-path overlay tunnels supporting AES-128 and AES-256 encryption to protect against eavesdropping, tampering and message forgery and to leverage TLS 1.2 with SRP (Secure Remote Password) protocol authentication with protection against dictionary attacks.

    Cloud Relays are based on a secure network architecture with strict traffic flow policies. Comprehensive monitoring of inbound and outbound communications is done to detect threats such as Denial of Service (DoS), Distributed Denial Of Service (DDoS), flooding, software/logic attacks, Man in the Middle (MITM) attacks, IP spoofing, port scanning and packet sniffing. Additionally, redundant telecommunication providers as well as additional capacity protection against the possibility of DoS attacks.

    Cloud-delivered Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) and Unified Threat Management (UTM) services are available as VNF (Virtual Network Function) services that can be service-chained to your Exinda Cloud Relay.

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  • How will Exinda help my company save 75% on networking costs?

    Exinda SD-WAN will save your company money while delivering a stable, secure and reliable network. You can reduce network costs by 75% compared with the cost of traditional WANs. Exinda helps you save money in the following ways:

    • Take advantage of the dramatic per-megabit price difference between consumer broadband and MPLS: Exinda SD-WAN bonds together readily available consumer data lines to give you excellent reliability and high network uptime. Because there are so many consumer data companies, prices are highly competitive. This means that you get fast, flexible, stable connectivity for a fraction of the cost of MPLS. Get the best of both worlds: reliability and affordability.
    • Move expenses from CapEx to OpEx: Decrease your capital expenses by redistributing costs to operating expenses.
    • Opportunity cost: Downtime costs your company $300,000-$540,000 per hour. That’s on top of the hit your team takes in decreased productivity, increased support ticket volume and reputational damage. A stable, reliable and secure network is worth paying for.
  • How does Exinda pricing work?

    Exinda pricing is transparent and all-inclusive. Based on your needs, you’ll choose the hardware option that’s right for your company and then license the appropriate Exinda software each year.

    Optimal Path™ is always included, encompassing all network data gathering and personalizations, as well as the application of Exinda’s proprietary Advanced Algorithms. You also get white glove onboarding, setup, integrations, training, 24/7 U.S.-based support and an annual network health check.

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