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Exinda SD-WAN Drastically Improves Internet Performance and Uptime For Ascend Clinical

[Exinda SD-WAN Case Study] Ascend Clinical

In This Case Study

The technology Ascend Clinical was using couldn’t keep up with the growth of the organization. As new branches opened, employees began to run into internet issues. The team’s expectations weren’t being met with their MLPS provider.

When Ascend Clinical replaced their MPLS network with Exinda SD-WAN, they were able to increase productivity and add an extra layer of security across locations. Now, all employees can quickly access applications and patient information.

With Exinda, Ascend Clinical was able to:

  • Boost productivity across the organization
  • Replace an expensive MLPS provider
  • Improve network reliability and uptime
  • Increase capacity for simultaneous VoIP calls

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