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How Exinda SD-Wan Solved VoIP Performance Issues for CivilGEO

[Exinda SD-WAN Case Study] CivilGEO

In This Case Study

CivilGEO relies on conferencing tools to get work done. However, their VoIP and video conferencing system couldn’t keep up. Existing ISP issues were causing dropped calls and low call quality, which had an impact on the organization’s productivity.

Exinda SD-WAN helped the CivilGEO boost call quality and drastically reduce the number of dropped calls. They’ve also been able to sustain high-definition and high-frame-rate video conferencing. As a result, their sales and engineering teams are more productive.

With Exinda, CivilGEO was able to:

  • Boost VoIP performance
  • Improve video call quality
  • Increase sales team productivity
  • Reduce internet costs

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