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How Exinda SD-WAN Provided 100% Uptime For The Largest Hollywood Auction In History

[Exinda SD-WAN Case Study] Debbie Reynolds

In This Case Study

A single DSL line was set up to support the entire infrastructure of the Debbie Reynolds Hollywood Motion Picture Museum’s highly anticipated auction. However, this couldn’t provide enough upload speed. With 72 hours left until the event, the museum had to find another solution.

Thanks to Exinda SD-WAN, the auction went off without a hitch. It ran flawlessly with 100% uptime and became the largest Hollywood auction in history.

With Exinda, Debbie Reynolds Hollywood Motion Picture Museum was able to:

  • Achieve 100% uptime during the auction
  • Boost application performance
  • Save money on bandwidth costs
  • Quickly set up their new solution

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