SD-WAN: Get An Agile, Extremely Reliable Network At 75% Less Than MPLS

Exinda SD-WAN provides low-cost bandwidth, superior performance and better uptime than MPLS. Get the stable, reliable, economical connectivity you need as you move your applications to the cloud.

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Stable Connectivity For VoIP and Video Conferencing Without Latency Or Jitter

With the growing reliance on SaaS programs, cloud-based services and chatty applications, the need for a low-cost, reliable network has never been higher. 

SD-WAN is the cost-effective, easy-to-deploy alternative to WANs like MPLS and legacy T1. Here’s how it works: By bonding cheap and readily available consumer lines like 4G, 5G, fiber, broadband, cable and DSL together, Exinda SD-WAN delivers a carrier-agnostic network that’s exceptionally reliable, highly agile and extremely cost-effective. You can save 75% on your network costs while achieving eight-9s uptime. 

SD-WAN is an excellent choice to replace or supplement your expensive MPLS

Because Exinda uses existing lines, you can spin up a new office connection in just minutes. This is particularly useful for organizations that are expanding – whether that means opening offices in new locations, expanding an existing location or offering a new service such as a retail pop-up. 

Exinda SD-WAN boosts productivity by ensuring that you always have the bandwidth you need for your mission-critical applications. Its advanced algorithms and tunnel selection automatically optimize each workload for maximum performance. You can expect clearer VoIP calls, seamless video connections, faster downloads and uploads and reliable access to all your SaaS applications.

The World’s Leading Companies Keep Their Networks Running Smoothly With Exinda

How Does Exinda SD-WAN Compare To MPLS?

With the explosion of cloud-based business-critical applications, using MPLS to backhaul internet traffic via a centralized backbone no longer makes sense.

MPLS offers good quality of service, but it comes at a steep per-megabit price.

Exinda SD-WAN provides the performance, reliability and stability you need, in a solution that’s simpler to manage and much more cost-effective than MPLS. It’s fast and easy to set up – you can deploy it in under 5 minutes. And while traditional WANs require manual input from network administrators, making the process costly, time-consuming and error-prone, Exinda applies advanced algorithms and tunnel selection to continuously optimize your network performance in real time.

Exinda comes with a built-in firewall, or it can integrate with your existing best-of-breed firewall if that’s what you prefer. This allows you to maintain a unified security posture across your entire organization, no matter how much complexity or how many branch offices you add to your network down the road.

Game-Changing Business Benefits

With Exinda SD-WAN, your organization can:

  • Improve application performance: Benefit from clearer VoIP calls, jitter-free video conferencing and faster file transfers. Prevent performance problems with chatty business-critical apps like Office 365.
  • Control costs: Save 75% vs. traditional WANs by switching to Exinda SD-WAN.
  • Reduce CapEx: Decrease capital expenses by shifting costs to operating expenses.
  • Cut down on support tickets: Cut costs and free up support personnel to address other priorities.
  • Unlock Day 1 network connectivity, even at remote sites: For retail pop-ups, construction sites, locations involving a moving vehicle and other situations – Exinda SD-WAN provides a fast, reliable and agile network that’s perfect for your business needs.
  • Be more agile: Spin up new offices faster, take better advantage of short-term retail opportunities like pop-ups and be confident that your network is always ready for whatever plans your organization has.
  • Increase uptime: Ensure that your applications are always available, maintaining high productivity across the organization.
  • Improve network stability: Bundle less-expensive consumer data lines together to improve performance and create reliable connectivity across branch locations.

See For Yourself How SD-WAN Transforms Network Performance

We’ll show you how to reduce network costs, increase performance and improve reliability – all at once.

Users Love Exinda

Reduce your dependency on expensive MPLS lines. Exinda saves you up to 75% on network costs while improving reliability and agility.

Exinda’s VoIP Armor technology is a true enabler for hosted VoIP services, as it takes the problems related to cloud connectivity out of the equation. Being able to optimize both real-time and non-real-time applications in a simple manner was one of the key factors in us choosing Exinda for our WAN upgrade project.

James Munro
Project Manager, Borrego Health

Set Up Your SD-WAN In 5 Minutes Or Less, With White-Glove Onboarding And Support

Our team of experts will work with you to set up and configure your SD-WAN. All you have to do is plug in the box, and we’ll configure it for your organization’s specific applications — in just a few minutes.

As part of our ongoing optimization, our network specialist will track and analyze your network for eight weeks. Using this data, they’ll identify the best WANs for your specific application needs and update your Exinda SD-WAN configurations for optimal network performance.

Leading-Edge Features

Bonded Tunnels

Bond lines together for higher throughput and better performance, even when individual connections are underperforming.

Preconfigured Routing

Exinda’s pre-configured routing works for 90% of your traffic. Our network specialist provides line-by-line recommendations to optimize the rest.

Real-Time Per-Packet Steering

Exinda measures packet loss, one-way delay and other key metrics to optimize path performance. Application-specific algorithms use these metrics to direct each data packet to the best tunnel and meet your application SLAs.

VoIP And Videoconferencing Armor

Exinda’s algorithms select the best path for your VoIP and videoconferencing connections, based on latency, jitter, throughput, performance history, packet loss and more, ensuring a high-quality experience.

Link Failure Recovery & Link Failover

In the event of Internet access line failures, Exinda keeps ongoing sessions alive and preserves data integrity by retransmitting lost packets over available lines even for the sessions in progress.

Virtual Leased Lines

Connect Exinda SD-WANs in peer mode or by using a cloud service. Create a virtual VPN tunnel between offices and use all available links at once. If some fail, that’s no problem – traffic will be rerouted automatically. It’s great for video conferences.

Firewall And UTM Integration

Exinda easily integrates with your existing firewall and unified threat management systems. Installation is fast and simple, with minimal downtime. Or use our built-in firewall, getting the benefits of a secure SD-WAN without having to add an additional firewall.

Zero-Touch Installation

Exinda SD-WAN appliances can be provisioned automatically and quickly configured through a cloud-based interface. You can deploy Exinda in less than 5 minutes.

Load Balancing

Create rules to designate weighted priority levels for each circuit. Exinda will route traffic according to your specifications, avoiding traffic spikes and preventing suboptimal bandwidth usage.

AWS Security Features

Amazon Web Services’ hardened security features are baked into Exinda SD-WAN.

Predictive Traffic Flow

Log traffic and make routing decisions based on anticipated needs.

Free Network And Application Management E-book

Learn how to optimize your network with this free e-book!

Nothing is more important to your users than applications running as quickly and as problem-free as possible. Get expert tips on how to:

  • Meet bandwidth challenges
  • Optimize application performance
  • Deliver top service levels

High Reliability In Industries Where Downtime Is Not An Option

Exinda Banking Icon

Banking And Financial Services

Uptime is a critical requirement for banking and financial services. Your customer-facing apps require near 100% uptime – and any downtime costs you in lost business, decreased internal productivity and reputational damage. Exinda gives you the connectivity you need to support your customers 24×7 around the globe.

Exinda Retail Icon


Brick-and-mortar retailers must innovate to survive. Whether opening a pop-up shop or adding new AI-powered offerings, retailers need to deliver new customer experiences while holding down costs. Exinda SD-WAN is the perfect connectivity solution for retailers who need a network that’s cost-effective, reliable and fast.

Exinda Hospitality Icon


Since high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity is an industry standard, hospitality brands must find a way to keep networks up and running fast without significant added cost. Whether you’re a hotel chain, boutique hotel, cruise line, commercial shipping line or airline, you can use Exinda SD-WAN to maximize available bandwidth, limit downtime and provide a seamless Wi-Fi experience for your guests.

Exinda Healthcare Icon


Healthcare providers must capture, store and transmit a large volume of high-resolution images in a timely and HIPAA-compliant manner. Exinda SD-WAN can intelligently bond multiple lines to create faster, more reliable connections, using automated fail-over to maximize application uptime.

Exinda Energy Icon


As governments replace aging power grids and move toward new energy sources, they need networks that can transmit meter data from remote locations fast and reliably. Exinda SD-WAN offers a highly responsive, stable network that’s perfect for these requirements. Our automatic optimization offers valuable predictive information that can prevent outages and brownouts.

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